Tilleys Bar, Westgate Road.

This is the bottle bar to end all bottle bars.

Tilley’s sits on the corner of Westgate Road, a comfortable stumbling distance from another T&D favourite, The Town Wall. From the moment you enter Tilley’s, you know you’ve found something special. This pub is as comfortable as your very own front room, except with a selection of hundreds of bottles to choose from (that’s assuming you aren’t my Dad). The T&D crew are yet to try the food at Tilley’s (expect another review when we do), however the menu board holds host to an ever-changing array of rustic sandwiches, hearty pies and homemade desserts.

Despite the somewhat overwhelming choice of drinks on offer, Tilley’s is far from that elitist beer bar you might be picturing. A staff recommendation board above the bar helps in that tricky decision of what to drink, and the staff are some of the friendliest we’ve encountered here at T&D.

Tilley’s also has a hugely varied DVD collection behind the bar, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself in the snug being robbed by the quiz machine with a gory slasher flick on in the background. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Tyne and Dine recommends:

Sam Smith’s flavoured beers – This American lager brand has sparked a new trend with its swanky flavoured beers. Tilley’s boasts a wide selection with Strawberry, Cherry and Raspberry amongst others to choose from. At 5.1%, Sam Smith’s can be enjoyed (in moderation) without running the risk of that popular urban phenomenon: drunk at first sip.


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