Top 5 things to do with ‘yer mam’ for Mother’s Day.

I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: our Mams are the greatest people in our lives and we can’t begin to repay them for everything they’ve done for us. But if you fancy giving it a go, then the T&D crew has come up with five key activities to ensure your Mam has a thoroughly enoyable Sunday, before she faces 364 more days of washing your pants and cooking your tea.

1. If she’s an early riser:

There are plenty wonderful places to have a perfect Sunday morning breakfast in and around the city. However, since the whole of Newcastle will be treating their Mams on this special day, T&D would recommend hitting one of the city’s quieter breakfast hotspots. For those of you can afford it, we’d recommend a self-indulgent full English at Ernest in Ouseburn Valley. There’s no cutting corners with this lot, and there’s plenty of veggie options too. Afterwards, you could always take a stroll along the Quayside to check out all the useless bric-a-brac at the Sunday Market – Mams love that stuff.

If you decide to head out on the Saturday instead, then we’d recommend heading to the Grainger Market to pick up some authentic, freshly made croissants at The French Oven and a cup of fairtrade coffee from Pumphrey’s.

2. If the weather is rubbish:
Let’s face it, despite its namesake, Sundays can sometimes be a bit dark and dingy. Don’t let that get you down, there’s still plenty of things to do with your Mam if it’s a bit naff outside. We reckon one of the greatest rainy day activities our city has to offer is a trip to the Tyneside Cinema. As tempting as it may is to go and see Scarlett Johansson prancing about in her négligée and killing hitchhikers in Under the Skin, we think Spike Jonze’s Her or Academy Award-winning Dallas Buyers Club might be more up your Mam’s street.

3. If the weather is awesome:
If we’re lucky enough to see some sun this Mother’s Day, then you’d be mad not to head to the coast to lap up those rays. There are several tasty treats on offer by the seaside for you and your Mam. If you’re heading to Whitley Bay, then be sure to visit Di Meo’s ice cream for an award winning cone. Not only does Di Meo’s serve the greatest ice cream you will eat this side of the Mediterranean, they also have a huge range of tasty pizzas and paninis to choose from if you’re a little more peckish.

If you’re making your way to Tynemouth, then it’s a toss up between fish and chips at Marshalls (“the fryery by the priory”), made with gluten-free batter and served in the lovely cafe, and the epic carvery at the Gibraltar Rock. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to be mothering your very own food baby for the rest of Mother’s day.

4. If your Dad wants to come:
If your Dad is anything like mine, then he won’t want to miss out on some free scran and a few bevvies. When it comes to a family day out, you’ve got to head into the beautiful Northumberland hills to make the most of this special time. There are more wonderful country pubs in Northumberland than I have time to list, so here’s a very quick round-up of the absolute best:

Ridley Arms, Stannington – A wonderful, family-friendly country pub with a great selection of ales for Dad (and Mam, if she’s into that). The menu is extensive, and offers the very best of Great British pub food. However, we’d recommend a hot meat stottie (usually a daily special, alternating between pork, beef of chicken) with a huge plate of good pub chips (always seems like a good idea at the time).

The Granby, Long Framlington – Hands down the best Sunday dinner I’ve ever had in my life (sorry Mam). Although the dinners aren’t cheap (usually better when the ‘rents are paying), they’ll leave you feeling more than satisfied. However, make sure to leave some space for a homemade pud – the chocolate torte still lingers in my top 5 puds of all time, after all these years.

Alternatively, you could pop some Dickson’s pork pies in your bait bag and drive up to the National Trust park Cragside, for a wander around the lakes. Then, once you’re all wiped out, crack open a tub of Doddingtons ice cream from the farm shop and let the little’uns run ragged around the park.

5. If your Mam likes a tipple:

And let’s face it, whose doesn’t. Depending on your Mam’s poison of choice, T&D has a couple of recommendations to make sure you see out Mother’s Day 2014 in style:

Cocktails at Revolution in the city centre – Once you’ve stopped dying with embarrassment at the spectacle of your Mam ordering a Pornstar Martini at the bar, you can revel in the humoungous choice of cocktails on offer here at Revs. Not to mention, between 5-9pm, all cocktails are 2-4-1. That saves the financial hangover, unfortunately the other one is up to you.

Wine at Ora in Tynemouth – If you still find yourself at the coast at nightfall, it would be rude not to head up the Front Street for a night cap. Ora is a reasonably new addition to the street, and holds host to an extensive range of wines – about which I know nothing about. Moving on.

Beer at The Town Wall, Pink Lane – If your Mam likes a good beer, The Town Wall is the place to take her. Be it ales, IPA, lager, stout – this pub’s got it all. We’d definitely recommend giving some of the cask ales a go, as they are forever changing and it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new. We’re in the process of compiling a full review of The Town Wall, so keep your eyes peeled.

Whatever you do with your Mam this Mother’s Day, make sure it’s a good one. She’s the most wonderful, generous and down-right awesome person you’ll ever meet and she deserves the absolute best (I know mine does).

Let us know in the comments about your Mother’s Day plans in the city, we’d love to hear from you!


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