Top 5 fast food joints in Newcastle City Centre

Sick of picking Greggs pasty flakes out of the folds in your jeans? Think £1.09 for a medium fries at McDonald’s is the ultimate sacrilege? Well it’s time to stop worrying because the Tyne and Dine crew have carried out the completely selfless task of trying every kind of fast food our city has to offer, so you don’t have to.


1. Zapatista Burrito Bar, Ridley Place.
(awesome wallpaper pictured above)

Just off Northumberland St, this really is a diamond in the rough. The shop has a Subway-style conveyor belt system in which you can pick and choose the exact ingredients you want to fill your tortilla or tacos. Additionally, there is a clear view of the comings and goings in the kitchen. Zapatista’s squeaky clean, transparent image helps to quell any Mexican food related anxieties you may have upon entering (à la Taco Bell). The choice of fillings is varied, and there is a particularly impressive selection of veggie options. The meals aren’t cheap, a burrito with all the trimmings will set you back a fiver (facing stiff competition with the Subway opposite and its £3 lunch deal). However, it’s more than worth the extra couple of quid for a tasty, meat-stuffed tortilla wrap which will fuel the rest of your mindless afternoon getting dragged around Eldon Square.

2. Bread Point, Low Friar Street.

Bread Point is a Chinese bakery situated at the lower part of Chinatown. If you are anything like me, then the idea of a Chinese bakery will mean absolutely nothing to you at first. However, upon entering it becomes reasonably self explanatory. Simply take a tray, use the tongs to select whichever sweet treats you like and take them to the till.

When I say sweet treats, I mean the sweetest of sweet treats. Bread Point offers a selection of brioche-like buns filled with delicious meats. Bear with me on this one. The best thing about Bread Point is that it’s insanely cheap – you can stock up on all sorts for less than a couple of quid and still have change to get a mars bar on the way home.

3. Love Lunch Deli, Forth Banks.
I know what you’re thinking, the Forth Banks are a canny hike if you’re out shopping on a weekend afternoon. However, if you happen to work nearby and are sick of ingesting grease pizzas from Flaming Grill, then maybe it’s time to give Love Lunch a try.

As well as delicious deli sandwiches and paninis, Love Lunch is one of the only places in Newcastle to offer a wide range of health foods on the go. They have a wide selection of paleo diet products, as well as a build-your-own salad option. If all that sounds a bit naff to you, then pop in on a Wednesday for the king of all pulled pork sandwiches.

4. Pizza by the Slice, Grainger Market.
You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of this place. Pizza by the Slice operates on a simple system: bake the pizzas and sell them hot. A pizza slice will set you back around £1.70 and they are nothing short of epic.

A warning would be that the queue can get pretty long during lunch times and sometimes the choice can be diminished by the time it’s your turn, but the staff are incredibly friendly and you can always pre-pay for a slice of your favourite flavour and wait by the side until it’s cooked. This is the absolute king of quick lunch breaks, just keep an eye on that crisp white shirt you’re wearing – napoli sauce really isn’t your colour.

5. The French Oven, Grainger Market.
Hey, you’d think we were getting paid commission the amount we mention the French Oven. In all seriousness, this place deserves all the attention it gets. I could talk all day about the wonderful, carby treats on offer here but I’d like to focus on lunch for the sake of the article.

The French Oven offers a wide selection of homemade pasties and pies. For the more adventurous, they have a mouthwatering array of handmade sandwiches and paninis including the quintessentially French croque monsieur.

Supporting local businesses is what we do here at T&D and we hope that we’ve inspired you to put down your Big Mac and give some of our local favourites a go instead. Think we’ve missed somewhere? Let us know in the comments!


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