The Town Wall, Pink Lane.

The Town Wall is situated on the trendy backstreet, Pink Lane. Anyone over forty will tell you that Pink Lane has had a change of image in recent years; in the latter half of the twentieth century, it was home to all sorts of dodgy types including the odd working girl. Nowadays, however, Pink Lane is a thriving cultural goldmine, with the likes of Pink Lane CoffeeSugar Down Bakery and of course The Town Wall, just a few cobbles apart.

The pub sports a wide open interior and majestic tall ceilings, for which you’ll be thankful on a busy Saturday night. The island bar is the centre piece, and hosts a huge selection of cask asks, alternative lagers as well as a rather extensive bottle and spirit collection.

The Town Wall is the kind of pub that once you’ve been to once, you’ll find yourself back there again and again. The T&D crew have visited three times in the last couple of weeks, purely to experience the joys of the legendary Chicken Sharing Platter (one of the many pictured below).


This dish is the ultimate pub food. Served on a rustic wooden board, for the reasonable price of £11.95, you’ll get a gigantic pile of piping hot, freshly baked chicken, smothering in homemade seasoning and accompanied by a basket of homemade chips, a pot of Heinz beans and a couple of dips. Now this certainly isn’t a sharing platter in the sense that you may know… it’s not simply a hot bar snack to share with your parter if you’re a bit peckish – this sharing platter is an absolute beast and is guaranteed to fill you both to the brim.

What’s next? The drink, of course. The Town Wall offers an impressive selection of draught lagers including Brooklyn Lager, Peroni and your teenage favourite, Red Stripe. However, for the purpose of this post I’d like to draw your attention the Camden Hells Lager, which I personally have never seen anywhere else. Camden is inspired by those delicious German lagers which you’re used to, but brewed in our very own capital, and at 4.6%, it’s not that hellish after all. Another notable contender is Vedett Blonde; this is a true holiday beer, reminiscent of proper French Kronenberg, just one sip will get those endorphins coursing through your body while you await your chicken feast.

All in all, The Town Wall is without a doubt the best pub on Pink Lane. The food is outstanding as is the choices of drinks, the staff are consistently friendly and attentive and the pub itself is remarkably comfortable. If you need us in the meantime, we’ll be relaxing in the billiard room with a pint of Camden, dipping our chips into the beans.


2 thoughts on “The Town Wall, Pink Lane.

    • Of course we’ve been to The Forth, however we prefer The Town Wall simply because we’ve found the food to be better. Also, The Forth is run by the huge, national corporation Mitchell and Butlers who also run the Toby Carvery chain as well as several other similar businesses. Don’t get us wrong, we love a tipple in The Forth and their smoking terrace is the best in Newcastle (as a non-smoker), but we prefer The Town Wall. Thanks for your comment!

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