No.28, Nelson Street.

Around three or four years ago, I was invited to an opening night party at a new bar in town. I found myself at the mysterious No.28, accessible only by a surreptitious side entrance in the Grainger Market, sitting on an iron-framed chaise longue, drinking something fizzy and watching people have Grey Goose poured into their mouths by skantily clad girls. To cut a long story short, this evolved into one of the most bizarre nights of my life thus far and I partially refuse to believe it ever happened at all.

Many years later, I returned to No.28, with faint memories of said fateful night, in search of something different to drink. I was delighted to see the interior remained the same, a true homage to A Midsummer Night’s Dream: vines hanging from the ceiling, exposed brickwork, luscious furnishing, kitsch trinkets and various other wonderful knickknacks.

I was delighted to see that they serve one of my favourite drinks of all time on draught, a rarity indeed: Briska Pear Cider. A true summer drink, Briska is practically clear and not overly sweet like its competitors, a real Swedish treat.


On our second visit, or perhaps the third (No.28 does strange things to my memory, it seems) we decided to splash out and try the cocktails  – two for a tenner, a pretty sweet deal on a Friday night, Valentine’s Day nonetheless. The drinks we had, the names of which have now disappeared into the ether of my eternal amnesia relating to this place, were made with fresh ingredients and were thoroughly enjoyable, as far as I remember, and we soon moved back onto the trusty Briska.

An honourable mention here would be No.28’s sister bar, Science on Collingwood Street, which we have visited several times, also boasts the same midweek offers.

Tyne and Dine Recommends:

Other than Briska, which I have banged on about enough, I’d also recommend taking a look at the midweek offers available on the website (listed below). As well as the all-day cocktail deal, No.28 has a weekly rotation of offers which will no doubt have you under Puck’s spell and in taxi home with Demetrius before you know it.


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