Nudo Sushi Box, Northumberland St.

As a seafood lover but a sushi novice, I recently decided to head into my Nudo on Northumberland Street to find out what all the fuss is about. As expected, I was baffled by the wide range of fish, rice and chicken products and genuinely had no idea what I would like. Intimidated and confused, I decided to leave it until another day.

Better prepared, I visited my local store on Acorn Road and went with the basic Chicken Teriyaki – you can’t go wrong with that. At first, I felt that the prices were pretty high for the amount of food but boy, was I wrong. As it turns out, sushi is high in protein and is therefore incredibly filling. A small niggle would be that they don’t put product descriptions on the boxes, only on the shelves so if you’re anything like me, when you get your sushi home, you’ll have already forgotten what you’ve bought. Back to the Chicken Teriyaki – the chicken is fresh, the rice is delish, the green things are nice and the pink things not so nice (technical terms used).

After thoroughly enjoying my first taste, I decided to head back in search of something more aquatic.  On my second visit, I went with the Land and Sea Set, as I wasn’t ready to abandon my avian safety net just yet. Once again, the chicken was lovely and the fish was incredibly fresh. This one also came with a small sachet of soy sauce, finally a product I recognised, and it acted as a lovely dip on the side.

A little known fact about Nudo is that around an hour before closing time (this is true for the Jesmond store, I am not sure about the city centre branch), many of the products are discounted at half price. Whether you’re on your way home from work, or just after a late snack, Nudo is an ideal place to pop into for an affordable yet filling meal. In addition, Nudo delivers during their opening hours – yes, that’s right – sushi to your door.

All in all, I feel as if I’ve only explored the tip of the Nudo iceberg. I’ll certainly be back very soon to try their wide range of soups and snacks. With student-friendly opening hours and discounted products, Nudo is a great alternative to a greasy take away.


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