Abari Italian, Leazes Park Road.

During the unexpectedly sunny Bank Holiday weekend, we found ourselves fancying a picnic in the park. Earlier in the day we’d walked past Abari (formerly Da Mimmo’s) and spotted the sign for “any pizza or pasta to take away £3.95” – what a bargain. As a child of the coast, I’ve devoured plenty cheap italian meals courtesy of the Sambucca chain and I was understandably hesitant at first.

We returned a few hours later, suitably inebriated and ready to devour any tomato and cheese topped bread product we could get our hands on, regardless of quality. Upon entering, a contagiously happy Italian man, with a Geordie twang, popped up from behind the bar with a couple of menus for our approval. We ordered our pizzas to take away, and a couple of drinks to keep us sweet while we waited.

The bar had a huge range of spirits, and I mean huge. I had myself a Frangelico on ice – a delicious hazelnut liqueur reminiscent of ferrero rocher. The pizzas arrived in a quick fifteen minutes or so (my ability to gage time passing is inversely proportionate to the amount of Frangelico I’ve drank). After saying our goodbyes to the delightful owner, we headed to Leazes Park to watch the sun set and devour our pizzas.

The pizzas were of very high quality indeed –  a perfect, thin crust base smothered in piping hot homemade tomato sauce and fresh toppings. If you’re stuck for cash but still want to appreciate the nice weather and fill your tummy, I can’t recommend Abari enough. We’re such huge fans of the natural spaces in our wonderful city, and what’s better than an authentic Italian pizza in the park to finish off a Bank Holiday weekend?

We’re looking forward to heading back to Abari for a sit down meal after pay day.


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