Burger Stop, The Side.

On a street sporting one of the oldest pubs in town, a giant gorilla statue and the best seafood place in existence, Burger Stop has had a lot to live up to.

After some subtle coercion on my part, we dined at this newly opened, fashionable burger joint on Tuesday night. Although hesitant at first, we were pleased to spot former-Jam Jar head chef Mark Taylor at the culinary helm.

Burger Stop gives a sense of American-diner chic without the grease. The menu is small, but incredibly well-thought out and presented. The beer range is second to none, with bottles of Blue Moon and Vedett Blond on offer to accompany the epic burger selection.


With just six burgers on the menu and a small selection of sides, this place champions the slogan “quality over quantity.” We went with The Big Cheese – a homage to the class American cheese burger, and the “Win Win Chicken Dinner” – an interesting take on the pub classic. We also went for sweet potato fries on the side, no explanation needed.

The burgers come wrapped in wax paper, and the fries in polystyrene pots. For me, this relaxed dining style enhanced the overall experience – restaurant quality food in a chilled out setting.

The beef burger was hands down the best I’ve ever eaten (quite the statement for a food blogger!). Perfectly pink in the middle, smothered in red leicester cheese and the Burger Stop trademark sauce. Being the hungry gannets we are, we didn’t manage to take any photos of the food itself – it was too delicious for that

The chicken burger was covered in a crispy breadcrumb and the sweet potato fries were perfectly crispy (a feat any amateur chef will know all too well is difficult to achieve).

Burger Stop fulfils its promises and then some: burgers, beers and beats (great tunes while we were there!). We’d highly recommend any burger lover, or even the burger-hesitant amongst you, stops by and gives it a go – you won’t be disappointed.



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