Ikuze, Metro Centre

A few months have passed since my first sushi venture at Nudo. In the meantime, I’ve probably consumed enough raw salmon and tuna to repopulate the Atlantic Ocean. Sushi has quickly become my favourite food, and I felt it was time to take my next step into the world of Japanese food.

Ikuze really is a diamond in the rough. It is located in the Yellow Mall of the Metro Centre (bear with me!) and it manages to offer an authentic, Japanese experience in amongst the chaos of one of the biggest indoor shopping malls in Europe.

The restaurant has a quiet atmosphere – even the waiters talk only slightly above a whisper. The kitchen is open plan, with the opportunity to sit and watch your food being prepared. We sat on a bench which dipped into the ground (forgive me, I’m not sure of the technical term for this genre of furniture). There is a selection of daily offers, including cheap bento boxes (man’s greatest creation) and student discounts.

We went on a Friday night and paid full price, but it was still very reasonable and even more delicious. I went for a spicy salmon sushi roll – this was the first cooked salmon sushi I had tried and boy, am I glad I did. The dish came perfectly presented, reminiscent of haut cuisine but without scrimping on portion size.

We also invested in the old faithful Chicken Katsu curry, which came swimming in rich sauce accompanied by a giant pile of rice. Overall, the food was delicious and the service was particularly noteworthy. With the waiters being attentive, but not crowding. If you’re a sushi novice, and you think you’re ready to try something else then Ikuze is the place to go. Even if you’re still put off with the idea of raw fish (or fish at all for that matter) there are plenty of chicken and meat dishes to fill you up.


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