Ottoman, Clayton Street West

I’ve got to admit it was the enemy (Tripadvisor) that brought me here. We were in search of somewhere new to spend payday Friday as our usual haunts hadn’t lived up to scratch on our last few visits. As huge fans of The Bake Express on Chillingham Road, this appealed to us. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with barbecue grilled meats with a side of rice and salad, but Ottoman exceeded expectations.

We didn’t have a booking but they managed to fit us in on a small table at the back. I hadn’t expected it to be busy at all – the last few times we’d walked past it was quiet, but it looks like the word is catching on quick. Since it was busy, I was expecting to wait a while for service. Again, I was wrong and the waitress took our order right away.

My first comment would be that the prices are extremely low here for what you’re getting – a bottle of Efes for £2.75 and house wine for £2.95 – I doubt the prices will stay like this for much longer!

We both went for Mixed Grills (£11.75 a pop) as we simply couldn’t decide between Lamb and Chicken. While we waited, the waiters joked with us and I spotted several happy customers leaving before their tables were quickly filled with more hungry patrons.


I had already stalked the customer photos on Tripadvisor and knew we were in for a treat. The Mixed Grill was undoubtably the best I’ve ever had – and I’ve had quite a few in my time. Each type of meat was smothered in delicious spices and grilled on the barbecue until perfectly done. My personal favourite was the lamb kofta (which is usually towards the bottom of the pile for me), the flavours were beautiful. Also, the rice was soft and fluffy and even the side salad tasted outstanding.

Along with a portion of fries (probably not necessary now we’ve seen the portion sizes), our bill came to a round £30. No wonder this place has crawled its way up the ranks on Tripadvisor. As we walked out the door, the waiter waved us goodbye and said “See you next week!” in a jokey manner – little does he know, we’re considering it.


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