The Herb Garden, Westgate Road

The Herb Garden has been on my list of places to go since it first opened, but I’ve always been put off thinking it would be too busy, too expensive, or simply too pretentious. A brief perusal of the menu online proved otherwise, with homemade, stonebaked pizzas on offer from just £9 mark – perfect for our half-empty January pockets. After seeing Foxcatcher at the Tyneside Cinema, we headed down the bank to The Herb Garden for a cheat meal to end all cheat meals.

We were welcomed in by a very friendly waiter who gave use a choice of tables, we went for the tall one below the eponymous herb garden. The menu was simple but effective, mainly salads and pizzas with specials on the board including a 36oz beef rib. We both decided on pizzas: I went for the parma ham, rocket and parmesan pizza (a godly combination) and Craig tucked into the spicy pepperoni, garlic, mozzarella and basil; neither of which I photographed (worst food blogger ever).


Since we’re doing Dry January and February (oh, to date a mixed martial artist), we opted for water and San Pellegrino Blood Orange – a personal favourite of mine.

It wasn’t just the food that impressed us, the service was incredibly friendly and our waiter, Leo (so says the receipt) was keen to chat to us and seemed to genuinely enjoy his job – no mean feat working in hospitality industry, I can tell you that for sure.


Overall we were pleasantly surprised by the Herb Garden, which brings both style and substance to Newcastle’s booming food industry with a reasonable price tag and great service – what more could we want?


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