Thai Siam, Stowell Street

A few weeks ago we headed to Stowell Street to lose our Thai virginities (and eat some food too!). With Craig’s fight on the doorstep, we were delighted to find Thai Siam’s menu to be full of high protein, high fibre, low carb dishes, ready to fill us up completely guilt-free.

We booked a table thinking the restaurant would be busy seeing as it was a Saturday night, but we were disappointed to see only a few other tables in the large restaurant filled. We were welcomed in by a very polite waiter, who sat us down at a table and gave us two separate menus – one Chinese and one Thai (we think!). As a Thai novice, I was super excited to try something new, while Craig scoured the menu for the meatiest dish available.

Still not drinking, we went for soft drinks which Craig then went on to spill all over the table. Luckily, the staff were incredibly attentive and swapped our table cloth and cutlery immediately, much to my delight as I was beginning to think my blog photos would look naff!

To start, Craig went for Chicken Skewers with a satay sauce, and I opted for Dim Sum (thai dumplings) which I have been keen to try for a long time. The food arrived swiftly and piping hot, and they certainly did not scrimp on the portions!

20150207_200435 (3)For mains, I was eager to try Pork Pad Thai as I had heard so much about it from American sitcoms and hipsters, I was beginning to feel like I was missing out – and boy was I right! The entire meal was a sensory delight, with soft rice noodles, tender pork, fresh veg, scrambled egg and crumbled peanuts – this is by far one of the best meals out I have ever had, hyperbole intended.

20150207_200300 (2)

Craig chose the Beef Sizzling Platter in Black Pepper Sauce. As expected the dish came sizzling away, with aromas filling the air and ready to seep into my freshly washed clothes. Unlike sizzling dishes I’ve had in the past, this one was not over powering and covered in onions, instead he got a very generous portion of perfectly cooked beef with fresh stir fried mixed veg.

20150207_200356 (2)

Although I said low carb earlier on, as soon as we spotted Salt and Chilli Chips on the menu and we quickly forgot about the impending weight cut. All in all a perfect meal with attentive and polite service, the only let down was the lack of custom in the restaurant. I hate to see fantastic restaurants such as Thai Siam lie empty on a Saturday night, while just a stone’s throw away, The Gate is teaming with couples and families on the hunt of places to feast.

Before now, our Stowell Street experience was limited to an all-you-can-eat at Lau’s, and we’re very pleased to have diversified! Which are your favourites on Newcastle’s Stowell Street? Let us know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Thai Siam, Stowell Street

  1. Stowell Street always seems pretty dead these days when I wander through. We had a stinker of a meal off the Chinese menu here once; glad your Thai experience was a lot better!

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