Tea Sutra, Leazes Park Road

On our second trip to Tea Sutra, I decided a review was long overdue. Located on the first floor of 2 Leazes Park Road, Tea Sutra is a morsel of tranquility just minutes away from the busy city centre. We ducked in after a bit of Pay Day shopping and were delighted to find the cafe to be quiet, warm and peacefully calm.

TeaSutra interior

My main problem with Tea Sutra is that there is simply too much choice! As an avid herbal tea drinker, I find there is only one or two teas I really like at Quilliam Brothers, whereas Tea Sutra boasts four pages of equally tempting concoctions from all over the world. In the past, I’ve opted for the Moroccan Nana Mint tea, a refreshed spearmint blend perfect for cleansing the pallet. This time, I chose what I can only refer to as the Marmite of the herbal tea world, Liquorice Root.


Craig is a Green and White Tea junkie, so choosing from Tea Sutra’s extensive menu can be quite a chore for him. This time, he went for the Borneo White – a white tea blended with papaya, pineapple and dried rosebuds: a floral treat. Each variety of tea has its own method of preparation as well as its own way of serving. My herbal tea arrived in a glass tea pot with a hourglass counting down seven minutes until I could enjoy the liquorice goodness. Craig’s white tea only needed three minutes to brew and arrived in a tiny ceramic teapot. Another thing I love about Tea Sutra is that you are provided with a flask of hot water to top up your tea as and when you need to, thus making the most out of the £3 a pot price tag.

teasutra pots

After a few minutes deliberation, I decided I couldn’t resist a Millionaire Shortbread, which was made ‘without refined sugar.’ The sweet treat has a crumbly and cereal-like base, rather than the traditional buttery shortbread, with a thick layer of caramel and smooth dark chocolate to finish. This Millionaire Shortbread was an absolute delight and miles away from the generic factory-produced cakes found in chain coffee shops.

TeaSutra pour

All in all Tea Sutra is a wonderfully pleasant experience; the environment is incredibly comfortable and well-looked after with fresh pots of daffodils on the counter and soft furnishings everywhere. Tea Sutra specialises in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and the blackboards boast an interesting range of soups, salads and wraps to accompany your cup of tea. We’ll definitely be back to Tea Sutra, sooner rather than later, as it is quickly becoming our favourite place to relax and unwind in the city centre.


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