A Gluten Free Guide to Eating Out: Revolution

I’ve always felt like Revolution’s food menu is one of Newcastle’s best kept secrets, and an ever better kept secret is their half price ‘Mega Monday’ deal. The Collingwood Street venue is a favourite amongst weekend revellers, but when I’ve asked around, not many people have tried the food, which always surprised me because I’d never had a bad experience there. This week, I went back to Rev’s for the first time since going gluten free to see what they had to offer.

Revolution’s menu generally focuses around stone-baked pizzas and classic pub burgers, so I was surprised to see that there were a few gluten free options on their half price menu – clearly marked with the little ‘g’. The steak, ribs and glazed chicken were all suited to my requirements, as we’re most of the sides, so I couldn’t really complain.
We were seated in a booth, which is definitely the best place to sit in this majestic former bank. I ordered a ginger beer but they didn’t have any left, so I went for a lemonade but that never came. It wasn’t that busy so it was disappointing that the service was so slow and haphazard, but still… you can’t pick faults when the main courses are averaging four quid.

Revolution bars menu

I opted for the blackened chicken burger without the bun – a nifty portion for just 4.50. The blackened chicken is smothered in a mix of spices then chargrilled – right up my street. You get two flattened breasts,  which is even better given the price and quality of ingredients. The meal came with a side of fries and ‘red slaw’ – as a coleslaw enthusiast, I approved.

They didn’t have any desserts suitable for gluten free so I ordered a hot chocolate since I’d only had tap water so far. It was pretty rubbish, weak and not very chocolatey but still didn’t bring the bill above a tenner.

revolution bars hot chocolate
Overall I paid around 8 quid (including tip) for a pretty good weekday meal out in a relaxed setting. I wouldn’t recommend it for a fancy evening out but Rev’s is a great place to catch up with friends and there’s plenty to choose from for those eating vegetarian, vegan, or, like me, gluten free.

Overall scores:
Service: 2/5
Taste: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5


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