mint tea

La Cremeria, High Petergate, York

This week I returned to God’s own country for a work trip. Travelling via York, I was fortunate enough to have time to grab something quick to eat before my train home. After a quick Google of ‘gluten free York’, La Cremeria seemed to tick all the boxes so I took a stroll along to see what all the fuss was about.

The tiny cafe is on High Petergate, tucked around the corner from York’s famous Minster. A beautiful crisp winter’s day had me wishing I had more time to wander the windy streets and someone to explore with! Regardless, it was nice to have a day out of the office.

river ouse york
Bridge over River Ouse

Since it was mid-week, the cafe was quiet and I found myself a table at the window, perfect for people-watching. La Cremeria serves homemade ice cream as well as a wide range of sandwiches, paninis and cakes. I was delighted to Google proved right as the lovely waitress said she could do me practically anything off the menu gluten free. I went for a ham and cheese toasted bagel and a mint tea. This sort of meal sounds simple and boring but to someone who rarely gets to get bread (and has never eaten a gf bagel!), I was very excited.

mint tea

Mark, the owner (thanks again, Google) kept me suitably entertained while I waited for my lunch with his tales of Northern travels. The Londoner informed me he’d moved up to York 15 years ago and never looked back. I wasn’t surprised, on a day like this York seemed like the perfect place to be.

gluten free bagel

The food was great, as was the service and environment. I was ready to pack and up leave just as the waitress tempted me with a homemade gluten free brownie. I took one home and had it warm with ice cream that evening. Perfect way to end a busy day on my travels.

Overall I spent £8 on a lovely cup of tea, a great bite to eat and a truly awesome brownie – not to mention the great service and chit chat. What more do you need?


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