fish and chips

The Green, Wardley

I’ve always been a fan of Sir John Fitzgerald pubs – from beach walks along to the Briardene, to family meet-ups at the Shiremoor Farm, ‘Fitzy’s’ is nothing short of a North East institution. This weekend, we headed to The Green at Wardley to celebrate Craig’s dad’s retirement. With family and friends coming from miles around, I was keen to see how this smart pub would stand up against its siblings in the region.

Similar to sister pubs Shiremoor Farm and The Pavilion, The Green is located off the main road and has a huge car park for customers. It’s definitely more of a sitting-to-eat pub than a stop on your pub crawl, but it was still buzzing with Saturday night revellers when we turned up. I stuck to Koppaberg cider all night as it’s gluten free and goes down well with a bite to eat, Craig was drinking Coors since the draught cider was Carling (yuck). The waiting staff were the perfect hosts from start to finish, particularly the manager, Kath, who made sure everything I chose was definitely gluten free in their allergen file.


To start I ordered olives and feta cheese since the choice of gluten free starters was limited. I could have opted for the classic prawn cocktail but I was going down the seafood route for my main course so decided against that. Plus, I often struggle to eat a full starter and main course so the little pot of olives was perfect to get me started.

rump steak

For my main course, I chose the Fragrant Thai Yellow Curry with King Prawns. One thing I will note is that everyone’s meal was piping hot, including my own –  not an easy feat when you’re a table of 20! The curry usually comes with flatbread but they served mine without and with plenty of rice and sauce. It was delicious and I’d definitely order that again. Often I avoid ordered a curry in a pub because it can end up being a frozen ready meal-type thing, but this was 100% fresh and they didn’t scrimp on the prawns either!

rump steak

A few other meals we ordered included the 12oz Rump Steak (pictured) and the classic Fish and Chips (also pictured) – all perfectly cooked. Not a complaint all ’round.

fish and chips

For dessert, we had brought a special cake made by Maizey Cakes Fiddy to celebrate Chas’s retirement. The waitress provided some napkins and we carried on drinking and enjoying our cake until closing time.

retirement cake

All in all, The Green is more than just a pub meal – the great service and superior quality food means that this venue delivers the outstanding experience that Fitzy’s is well-known for across the North East.


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