#MeatFreeMay: why I’m quitting meat in May (and maybe beyond)

Since launching Tyne and Dine more than two years ago so much has changed. I’ve seen two new jobs, two new flats and a significant dietary change, when I learned I was intolerant to gluten in September last year. In the last six months, I have experimented with food more than ever before and have learnt dozens of new recipes including GF flatbreads, GF double chocolate brownies and even GF stir fry! I’ve also experienced the crappy side of a food intolerance, including the supermarket gluten free bread (some considerably worse than others), and the eternal nightmare of eating out.

tuna steak brown rice
Tuna steak, brown rice, spinach, grilled cherry tomatoes and sriarcha sauce

I have always been a fan of healthy food. As a child I would pick carrot sticks over sweets and I probably still would now, although I do still have my vices (see fruity cider). I have also been a big meat eater in recent years, especially since starting my gym membership last summer.

Tofu and vegetable stir fry with homemade coriander and lime 'slaw
Tofu and vegetable stir fry with homemade coriander and lime ‘slaw (plus a tub of washing!)

As far as vegetarianism goes, I’ve always had a pretty negative view of it. Many of the vegetarians I have come across live on a diet of cheesy pasta, garlic bread and various other glutenous carbs. That’s not to say I haven’t met perfectly healthy veggies who cook their own fresh and healthy dishes every day (see my attempts littered through this blog), but I certainly have always been very sceptical about whether one can be a vegetarian, or a vegan, and still be ‘healthy’.

quorn mince
Cajun Quorn mince, green peppers, sweet potato chips and blanched kale

In the last few months, Craig and I have been bombarded by veggie propaganda – from friends to films (yes, we watched Cowspiracy), alongside regular trips to the zoo, my opinion of vegetarianism has changed dramatically and that leads us to the point of this blog – why we’re going meat free in May.

First of all, I’d like to say I’m still going to eat fish. Call me closed minded but I can’t give up my beloved seafood (and without gluten in my diet, I’m going to struggle to find stuff to eat at times) However, red meat went out the door one month ago and I’m preparing to say au revoir to chicken and turkey very soon. Nowadays we drive to work past the town moor and we wave to the cows and say: ‘We don’t eat you anymore!’ – it feels good!

prawn stir fry
Special fried king prawns with veg and brown rice

I will be blogging regularly through May, posting new recipes, reviews and various other tid-bits about our journey to pescatarianism. Follow Craig’s blog, Strength Style, for updates from a HUGE protein-fiend who is also kicking meat to the curb for the month (and potentially forever).

Please comment below with recipe suggestions or links to great veggie bloggers!


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