Chiquito, intu Metrocentre

Last week we were very kindly invited to try the menu at the brand new Chiquito restaurant in the Metro Centre. As you’ll know if you read my review on Thaikhun earlier in the year, I am not the biggest fan of Europe’s largest shopping centre. However, the promise of some tasty Mexican food and a chance to see X-Men Apocalypse on the mega-screen was too much to resist.


I remember eating at Chiquito in Hull when I was at uni and it was pretty good. They were always pushing new deals, be it a student discount or set meal, you were always guaranteed an affordable meal with great service. The new restaurant in the Metrocentre has moved upstairs to be amongst the big boys, that includes US burger chain Five Guys and the flashiest TGI Fridays I’ve ever seen. The interior is awesome, you’ve got to love a brand new restaurant with an impressive bar and plenty of comfy booths to sit in. I’d already checked the menu beforehand, so I knew there would be plenty of gluten free options and also a decent fish/veggie option for Craig.


Our server for the evening, Charlotte, was cheery and pleasant from the moment she first approached us. To drink we ordered a couple of Mocktails – Orange and Passionfruit Agua Fresca (£3.95) and a Mock-jito (£3.95). Both drinks were lovely but very sweet so we stuck to one each and moved onto water later on.

To start, Craig, who is still keeping up his pescatarian diet, ordered Mexican Garlic Bread (£4.95) with cheese and a sprinkle of chilli flakes, while I went for the Baked Potato Skins stuffed with Tomato and Sweetcorn Salsa (£6.15). The garlic bread looked great, nice and thin but not too crispy – the perfect carby after a long day at work. I’ve got to be honest, my potato skins were a bit of a disappointment. The salsa was bland and the potatoes didn’t seem that fresh, not much cheese either! For the price, I would expect something a bit more exciting. (You can get a whole burrito for a fiver at Zapatista!)

Baked Potato Skins
Baked Potato Skins



Mexican Garlic Bread
Mexican Garlic Bread

For main course Craig went for the Sweet Mango Cod (£16.25), which came with broccoli and steam potatoes. I opted for the Tacos with Chicken and Chorizo filling (£12.95). The tacos came with a pot of soured cream and some tomato salsa, no shredded lettuce or guacamole. Craig’s cod was really well cooked but the mango flavour was not as strong as he’d have liked, he guzzled up the broccoli and potatoes like the little veggie lover he is.

Mango Cod
Mango Cod
Chicken Tacos
Chicken Tacos


Closer look at portions inside tacos (with onions taken off)
Closer look at portions inside tacos (with onions taken off)

Once again, I was a bit disappointed with my choice. I think I would have preferred two stuffed tacos to four empty ones – the amount of chicken was really not enough and the flavours were similar to the starter. We also ordered some halloumi cheese (£3.95) on the side as I’ve been encouraging Craig to try new things as he gets more accustomed with his new diet. Normally when I make halloumi cheese at home, I cut it pretty thin and brown it on either side in the griddle pan. This was the biggest chunk of halloumi I’ve ever seen! It’s a personal preference but I would have preferred three or four slices than one massive wedge – but it wasn’t that much of an issue, halloumi cheese is halloumi cheese after all.

Halloumi Cheese
Halloumi Cheese

We decided against puddings as we were heading straight to the cinema, but the menu looked pretty awesome with a gluten free brownie amongst the choices. The bill came to just over £50, which seems like quite a hefty bill considering we didn’t have alcoholic drinks. All in all, Chiquito wasn’t a bad experience but it certainly wasn’t the best.

In the highly competitive marketplace that is the Metrocentre ‘Qube’, Chiquito will need to step up their game if they want to compete with the likes of Thaikhun and Bar Burrito.


Have you visited the newly refurbished Yellow Mall? What was your favourite restaurant?

Disclaimer: Chiquito kindly invited us to try the menu and gave us a voucher to spend at the restaurant on the dishes of our choice. The review is based purely on our own opinions and this review is by no means sponsored.


5 thoughts on “Chiquito, intu Metrocentre

  1. It sounds like quite a disappointing meal. We got around to going to Coast to Coast in the yellow mall and found their tacos much the same with barely any fillings, the prices were quite shocking for the amount we got for our different meals. I’ll not be going back in a hurry! It’s a shame because when we went to the one in Newcastle during restaurant week it was lovely!

    Hopefully they’ll take note of your feedback
    Ami x

  2. I didn’t even realise chiquito had moved until last week – We sampled a couple of dishes at a Metrocentre event and thought they were yummy and I would like to go back and try the full menu – your tacos do look a little on the under-filled side so I’ll avoid those!

  3. I was so sorry to hear about those tacos! I absolutely loved it when I last went, but it does seem like they need to step up their game with the amount of competition they have there. I really love your blog posts as I’m a bit of a foodie! As your posts bring light to my dark days in the winter, I’d like to nominate you for The Sunshine Blogger Award. You don’t have to participate but if you wish to, please follow the rules here:

    Either way though, great post and keep up the good work as I’m coming through to Newcastle this week and need to know where best to eat! 😉

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