Lunch at The Lambton Worm, Chester le Street

A few weeks ago we were caught south of the Tyne and feeling a little peckish – not my ideal situation (kidding). We’ve spent the last few weekends driving the length and breadth of the North East shopping for a new car. After a nip around the Durham dealerships, we fancied a pub lunch and a quick Google informed me that we were a ten minute drive from Chester le street’s best pub, The Lambton Worm (or so says Tripadvisor). I had a look at the menu online and all gluten free options were highlighted clearly on the menu and a few good veggie options too – sorted.

Lambton 3

The Lambton Worm is both a hotel and a pub. The interior is absolutely awesome – it’s a treasure trove for little trinkets and antiques, with mirrors and weird paintings hanging from the ceiling and every single window sill chock-full of artefacts and other obscure objects. Since it was a tender Sunday lunch time, we both went for cups of tea but there was a massive choice of bottled and draught beers. In fact, the pub is part of a brewery group called Sonnet 43 and it stocks a wide range of beers made on our doorstep in the North East.

Lambton 5

As for food, the menu was pretty pub classic – a canny list of burgers, a few pies and fish and chips etc. I ordered the Middle Eastern Chicken Kebab, as it was the only chicken gluten free option (still sticking to my plan of not eating red meat unless absolutely necessary!) This was served with Mediterranean vegetables, garlic butter, hand-cut chips and salad all for the very reasonable price of £8.95.

Lambton 2

I’m a firm believer in hanging kebabs being a bit of a gimmick, you never get enough meat (or enough veg) and I would never go out of my way to order one in a restaurant. However, I’m glad I did at the Lambton – the portion was absolutely huge and it came with a mega portion of proper chips (hurray gluten free chips!) and salad. Other pubs take note – this is exactly how gluten free pub food should be!

Lambton 4

Craig ordered the spiced bean and vegetable burger, also served with chips for £8.95. Can’t complain at that. I’ve got to say, since Craig turned veggie we’ve noticed some establishments do veggie better than others. The Lambton’s menu didn’t offer much choice, however the burger itself was fab and flavoursome so there were no complaints from Craig this time.

Lambton 1

Up until this point my experience of Chester le street had been limited to a couple of cricket matches at the Riverside and a pre-game Wetherspoons breakfast so I can’t possibly say whether this is the best pub in the town, but we had a fab lunch and I’d highly recommend to anyone who is eating gluten free, or simply loves a good pub meal in a quirky setting!

The Lambton Worm, North Road, Chester le Street, County Durham, DH3 4AJ.


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