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Sunday at the Quayside Market

It’s rare for a Sunday to go by and for us to not squeeze in a trip to the Quayside market. In recent years, the age-old market has become a hive for delicious street food, artisan crafts and well.. still a bit of old tat – but we love it. Open every Sunday between 9.30 and 4, the market stretches from Riverside all the way along to the Millennium Bridge. When the weather is a nice, like today, we like to make a day of it and stroll up and down the Quayside deliberating what to eat (and what treats to take home for later!)

We are creatures of habit and often eat the same places – Craig loves a falafel flatbread wrap from Papa Ganoush, which is one of the market’s biggest success stories. The family business has grown an incredible following over the last few years and is set to open a permanent restaurant in Whitley Bay (my hometown nonetheless). Unfortunately they don’t offer gluten free bread (or even rice bowls) but I am hoping for something along these lines in their new venue. I usually head straight to the lovely ladies selling Venezuelan arepas, who are often halfway along the market and not in the little food square with Papa Ganoush. Arepas are little cornbread sandwiches (gluten free, of course) and come filled with fresh hot fillings – I usually go for caprese salad or roasted vegetables and complete with homemade green chilli sauce (spicy or not spicy available). Both of our meals set us back less than a fiver and full our bellies ahead of the hike back up the hill.

tyne bridge

However on today’s trip to the market it seemed like nothing was going in our favour. We spent over 20 mins looking for a parking space (not sure why we didn’t get the metro like we usually do) and then the Venezuelan stall had no veggie fillings, and Papa Ganoush were running low on salad! So, we ventured along the market strip in search of something new to try. Craig was drawn in by the queue at one of the Greek food vans and he had himself a giant flatbread filled with halloumi cheese, salad and roasted veg. Can’t complain for a fiver.

flip n fast

I was starting to get pretty hangry by this point and had almost resigned myself to a portion of chips, until Craig spotted Flip ‘n’ Fast, a crepe stall advertising galettes (gluten free savoury crepes made from buckwheat). I am a massive fan of the galettes sold by Le Petit Creperie in the Grainger Market, however those guys were only selling their savoury (and none GF) alternatives at the market today. The lovely girl running Flip ‘n’ Fast was very knowledgeable on gluten free and she was also veggie, so there was three fab options for my much-anticipated galette. I went with Northumbria cheese, apple chutney and rocket, which turned out to be a truly winning combo. Will definitely be swapping the arepas for a galette again in the future!

crepe galette

Whilst at the market we sometimes pick up a few treats to take home for later. I visited The Lily Tree Bakery, a gluten free, dairy free and vegan cake stall and chose a sweet mince pie (which I swoffed on the spot) and a chocolate fudge muffin, which was adorably Halloween themed.

halloween cupcake

To top off my Quayside market hall, I picked up a tub of almond butter from The Nut Roaster, a Northumbria-based nut butter company which produces 100% natural nut butters with not so much as a sprinkle of added sugar or palm oil. I am very excited to stir this into my porridge in the morning!

nut butter

All in all, another successful trip to the Quayside market. Often we can be reluctant to try new things when we have our favourites mapped out but today I was glad we did – I hope the weather sticks around for a few more weeks so we can pop along again and try a few more new things before the Autumn is out.


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