An Ode to the Grainger Market: Pet Lamb Patisserie

Back in 2014, I wrote a short post about my love for Pet Lamb Patisserie in the Grainger Market. As intu Eldon Square grows, a new chain restaurant or cafe seems to be opening every week. I just wanted to spend a few minutes talking about why I still love Pet Lamb (and the Grainger Market) and why you should too!


On the corner of the main square in the Grainger Market, Pet Lamb is open Monday – Saturday serving freshly made cakes and other sweet treats in a fantastically adorable setting. I am such a huge fan of the branding of this place, the pastel pinks and blues make me so happy! You don’t get this kind of authenticity with a chain, not matter how hard they try.


One of the main reasons I’m still such a big fan of Pet Lamb is because they always have at least one gluten free option. It’s actually not difficult to find a gluten free sweet treat (Starbucks has a brownie, Costa has a couple including a bakewell tart) but proper homemade cakes are hard to come by. Over the time I’ve been going to Pet Lamb, they’ve had a Lime and Chocolate Loaf Cake, a Lemon Drizzle and a few others. This weekend I popped in and picked up a slice of the Lemon Drizzle Cake and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie for Craig. These are the best brownies in Newcastle hands down! The girls at Pet Lab serve up a good half a dozen different flavour brownies every day so there’s something for everyone.





gluten free lemon drizzle

All the sweet treats are baked in the tiny store, so don’t expect to pop in just for a look because the intoxicating smells trick you into have your wallet out in seconds. We saved our cakes ’til we got home and had them with a big cup of tea – the best way! I had to eat my slice in two portions as it was absolutely huge (half portion picture above!), but Craig wasn’t so sensible and ended up feeling like he needed a lie down after demolishing his brownie.

peanut butter brownie
He didn’t even wait for me to take a photo!

I just wanted to write a quick Ode to Pet Lamb, as I worry that as into Eldon Square grows, people might forget about the delicious treats on offer around the corner at our very own Grainger Market. What’s your favourite stall in the Grainger Market? Let me know in the comments!


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