sky apple cafe heaton

Sky Apple Cafe, Heaton Road

This review is well overdue. Over the Christmas break (told you it was overdue), we went for a walk from our house through Jesmond Dene and out the other end in Heaton. It was a remarkably beautiful day for December and Craig snapped a few fab photos with his new zoom lense, a few of which I have included in this post below.


After a walking past the shoe tree, I realised we were actually pretty close to the Sky Apple Cafe, which is probably Newcastle’s best known vegetarian and vegan cafe. After a quick Google I found out that the Sky Apple also specialises in gluten free! An unbelieveable feat given how awkward we are nowadays when eating out.

border collie

We arrived late lunch time and it was quite busy but we managed to squeeze in a small table for two by the door. We were brought the menus by the lovely waitress and began the difficult process of deciding what to eat. The Sky Apple is open during the day, then closes and re-opens for alcohol and evening meals. The menu is pretty simple but clearly finely tuned, with the inclusion of lunchtime favourites such as burgers, chilli and cheese enchiladas (vegan cheese available!) and their own take on curry pie. We decided in order to try the most of the menu we’d have to go for a sharing platter, so we ordered the “Taster Platter”, which came with falafel, hummus, muhammara, salads of the day, olives, two kofta, sweet potato fritter, mixed salad and bread (gluten free, of course.) – £7.95

jesmond bridge

The cafe is a really pleasant place to be, and reminds me of a slightly less busy version of the Butterfly Cabinet up the road. Our food arrived quickly and we were really impressed to see that everything was completely homemade – even the likes of the falafel and kofta. In recent months, we have become quite the falafel aficionados, so we were very interested to try the Sky Apple’s take on the classic vegetarian dish.

We also ordered some chips to go on the side of the platter, as we weren’t sure of the portion size and we had the three mile walk home ahead of us. As far as sharing platters for two go, this was a canny size and my only comment would be more muhammara! Considering I didn’t even know what ‘muhammara’ was when I ordered the platter, it quickly became my absolute favourite thing to dip the falafal and kofta into.

sky apple cafe heaton

I preferred the falafel, while Craig devoured the kofta. We really are the vegetarian Jack Spratt and wife! I couldn’t recommend the Sky Apple Cafe highly enough, and one thing’s for certain – we’ll be back to try the evening menu, as I’m desperate to knock back a burger and a G&T, a treat I don’t often get to experience these days being a gluten free pescetarian!

Have you been to the Sky Apple Cafe? What did you think? Do you have any other recommendations for vegetarian food in the North Eat? Let us know in the comments!


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