Quick bite: Time Banh Mi, Grainger Street

Recently we discovered Vietnamese sandwich shop, Time Banh Mi on Grainger Street is more than just a quirky Subway, but actually a great place to get a fast bite to eat and some decent veggie options too – despite the meat-heavy menu!

The concept of Time Banh Mi is to replicate the Vietnamese street food sandwich bars of the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. The interior is understated and the menu is simply – there are a handful of fillings and you can either have a sandwich or a rice bowl.


Craig is a big fan of Time Banh Mi, and rightly so as there are no many places you can pick up a piping hot bowl of fresh rice and perfectly seasoned tofu in the city centre these days (or ever). However, I’m not so sure.

My first comment would be that the service is lacking, on both occasions I have visited I have been greeted with a half-hearted greeting and it tends to be chaos behind the counter – not always a good sign from a food hygiene point of view. Additionally, I’ve asked on two separate occasions for allergen information and no one seems to be able to give me a straight answer about what’s actually in their food. Not only does this seem totally mad to me in this day and age, where every man and his wife has some kind of dietary requirement, but also I thought it was compulsory for food places to keep a record of what goes in their food?

tofu rice box

Anyway, I ordered a tofu rice box too, since they assured me there was no soy sauce, I figured I’d be OK – and I was. The food itself is absolutely delicious and well worth every penny, at about a fiver for a large pot of fresh stick rice, marinated tofu, fresh coriander and spring onion, there’s really no complaining.

I’ve suggested to the management to put together an allergen guide, as I know many people will benefit from this and the business will too as catering for all dietary requirements seems standards practice nowadays, so I am looking forward to this being rolled out so more people can enjoy the wonders of Time Banh Mi without hesitation.


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