Tapas Revolution, Eldon Square

And I’m back online! After four weeks with no broadband in the new flat, I’m so happy to be back on the blog. Last month we were invited to Tapas Revolution, one of the newest additions to Eldon Square’s restaurant offering. Looking back on these photos is slightly odd, as I’ve since decided to have a bash at a fully plant-based/vegan diet. But I’m still excited to share how great this meal was with you, so here it goes.

Anyway, that’s a post for another time. Tapas Revolution is a pretty authentic Spanish experience, as far as chain restaurants go, this is by far one of the best ones I’ve been to. It’s up there with Las Iguanas and Wagamama, two chains I am a big fan of! The interior is really well thought-out, with traditional Spanish tiling and a beautiful bar displaying a huge range of beers on tap and bottles of interesting liquors. My only criticism of the interior is the tables are pretty close together. We were say on a table of two, which was incredibly close to two other couples – one on either side – I think they could do with removing one or two tables in the row and giving people a bit more space. Saying that, I do understand that communal eating is the European way!

From the moment we walked in, the staff were attentive and friendly. They completely understood my dietary requirements, while the gluten free and vegetarian menus were pretty extensive for a tapas restaurant. To drink, Craig went for a wine from Alicante while I, the designated driver, opted for a mocktail of Morello Cherry and Ginger Ale. I can wholeheartedly say this was the best mocktail I’ve ever had, and at £2.95 it is far more reasonably priced than the likes of Chaophraya upstairs. The cocktail menu also looked fab, all pretty well priced at around £6-7.

As for food, we decided to go for a decent selection of tapas so we could get a good feel for the veggie/pesc-y offering. We order manchego cheese, patatas bravas, pimientos, garlic prawns and crispy fried aubergine (not GF). The dishes come out as and when they are ready, which I quite like as it means nothing it getting cold and you get a chance to try everything – also it’s a pretty great feeling when you’re half way through a meal and they bring out even more food! Every dish was absolutely delicious, and probably the best tapas I’ve had outside of Spain.

Normally we wouldn’t order dessert but we thought what the hell so I went for the Crema Catalana and Craig chose the pear tart, we enjoyed them both but I immediately regretted eating so much in a short time and found myself feeling a bit sick! I only had myself to blame.

From a price point of view, Tapas Revolution is really reasonable and there are plenty deals on during the week and at lunch times so we’d highly recommend popping along to try teir wide range of tapas or even a cheeky paelle (veggie, of course). You can see the full menus, including gluten free/allergen menu, at their website; http://www.tapasrevolution.com/newcastle/

What’s your favourite restaurant to open in Eldon Square so far? Let me know in the comments!



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