About Ellen

Hi! I’m Ellen, and when I’m not stuffing my face with the wonderful treats Newcastle Upon Tyne has to offer, I am the social media manager at a huge North East plc. I was born and bred in Whitley Bay, a seaside town with a colourful past and an even more colourful nightlife. Although I now live a little closer to the city centre with my partner in crime, Craig.

Tyne and Dine is a visual diary recording my passion for eating out, cooking and generally all things food. Due to a health issue, I’ve been eating gluten free since October 2015 and am currently in the process of exploring everything the North East (and beyond) has to offer us grain-o-phobes. In September 2016, I chose to give up meat after much convincing from my vegetarian boyfriend, and a couple of vegan mates. Nowadays, I’m always on the hunt for anything meat-free, wheat-free and tasty!

In terms of content, it’s 100% created by me (with a little help from my other half). I take and edit all the photos, carry out all the social media marketing and of course, eat all the food myself. If you want to use any of my photos, please let us know and there shouldn’t be a problem as long as credit is given.

Get in touch: ellen@tyneanddine.co.uk


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