Chaophraya, intu Eldon Square

Last week we were kindly invited to try out Newcastle’s newest thai restaurant, and the jewel in the crown of the new intu Eldon Square food hall. We had actually already been to Chaophraya before this date, but I thought it might be of interest if I write a post covering both visits and comparing the service/food from our anonymous visit to our ‘VIP’ launch night visit – the results we’re quite as you would expect.

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New New Bengal

New New Bengal, Gosforth High Street

It seems like ages since I was walking to work along Salters Road and spotted the boarded up remains of the New Bengal, which had been a part of Gosforth High Street for decades. This week, the restaurant re-opened under ‘new’ name, New New Bengal, and we popped along to see if the food was as good as it previously had been at this Gosforth institution.

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head of steam

Head of Steam, Newcastle Quayside

On Wednesday night we went to see the fantastic Regina Spektor at the Sage Gateshead and stopped in for a quick drink at the new Head of Steam on the Quayside. I had a bottle of Daura Damm, a gluten free lager brewed by the same guys who make Estrella. When he ordered the drinks, the lad behind the bar told Craig they have two other gluten free beers on their menu and a decent selection of GF options on their food menu too, so we decided we had to go back to try-out the full Head of Steam experience, and, on Friday, that’s what we did.

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thai curry tofu

Recipe: Thai-style Tofu and Vegetable Curry (Gluten Free and Vegan!)

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe. Since giving up meat for good, I have to admit I have fallen into the habit of eating the same thing most weeks. Experimenting with food can be hard when you have spent six years nailing what you can and can’t eat but every so often I do give a new dish a go! I threw this curry together for lunches this week – I’ve called it Thai-inspired as it’s not a thai recipe (it’s not a recipe at all, so apologies for the rough quantities) but it’s a good example of how gluten free vegetarian food can still be exciting – in fact this one is even suitable for vegans!

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newcastle quayside

Sunday at the Quayside Market

It’s rare for a Sunday to go by and for us to not squeeze in a trip to the Quayside market. In recent years, the age-old market has become a hive for delicious street food, artisan crafts and well.. still a bit of old tat – but we love it. Open every Sunday between 9.30 and 4, the market stretches from Riverside all the way along to the Millennium Bridge. When the weather is a nice, like today, we like to make a day of it and stroll up and down the Quayside deliberating what to eat (and what treats to take home for later!)

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Eating Gluten Free (and Veggie!) in … Amsterdam

Earlier in the month we ventured to Amsterdam to celebrate my birthday – there’s no better way to welcome in your quarter century than in the Dutch capital! Before we go on trips like this, we always do plenty research about places to eat. As Craig is a vegetarian now, and I have officially given up meat (and am only eating fish once a week or so), it and be hard to find places that cater for our dietary requirements. From the outset, Amsterdam was nowhere near as accommodating as London had been last year. It seemed to me that ‘gluten free’ was still very niche and the majority of places did not openly advertise a GF offering. Even veggie food wasn’t that easy to find as Dutch cuisine is quite heavily reliant on meat (other than their obsession with chips and mayo!). However, we still did pretty well considering!

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