Eating Gluten Free (and Veggie!) in … Amsterdam

Earlier in the month we ventured to Amsterdam to celebrate my birthday – there’s no better way to welcome in your quarter century than in the Dutch capital! Before we go on trips like this, we always do plenty research about places to eat. As Craig is a vegetarian now, and I have officially given up meat (and am only eating fish once a week or so), it and be hard to find places that cater for our dietary requirements. From the outset, Amsterdam was nowhere near as accommodating as London had been last year. It seemed to me that ‘gluten free’ was still very niche and the majority of places did not openly advertise a GF offering. Even veggie food wasn’t that easy to find as Dutch cuisine is quite heavily reliant on meat (other than their obsession with chips and mayo!). However, we still did pretty well considering!

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Zaap, Newgate Street

Zaap Thai is the latest restaurant to open on Newgate Street, on the former Co-op site which has since become a hub for bars, restaurants and even a hotel. We were kindly invited by the team to try out what they had to offer. I’ve got to be honest, I tend to avoid Thai/Chinese restaurants unless they explicitly state they offer gluten free, like Nudo Noodle House and Wagamama, since this kind of food generally does not lend itself to gluten free (soy sauce in everything!). I checked Zaap’s website and there was no mention of allergen info – I do wish more restaurant chains would offer up this kind of information easily as I would be more likely to go somewhere I know can cater for me than try somewhere new that doesn’t openly state it offers gluten free.

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Lunch at The Lambton Worm, Chester le Street

A few weeks ago we were caught south of the Tyne and feeling a little peckish – not my ideal situation (kidding). We’ve spent the last few weekends driving the length and breadth of the North East shopping for a new car. After a nip around the Durham dealerships, we fancied a pub lunch and a quick Google informed me that we were a ten minute drive from Chester le street’s best pub, The Lambton Worm (or so says Tripadvisor). I had a look at the menu online and all gluten free options were highlighted clearly on the menu and a few good veggie options too – sorted.

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Paella in Benidorm

Eating Gluten Free in Spain: the good, the bad, and the onions…

It’s been a couple of weeks since Craig and I returned from our week-long jaunt to Altea, a bustling fishing town on the Costa Blanca. As Craig recently gave up meat (he’s still eating the odd bit of fish) and I have given up red meat, limited my chicken in-take and relying mainly on fish, (all while still being gluten free) we knew eating out would be a tough one in Spain.

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St Mary’s Inn, Morpeth

A few weeks ago, we decided to venture outside of Newcastle (shock horror, I know!) for a family lunch in Northumberland. We were kindly invited by the guys at St Mary’s Inn to try out their menu, so with Mam, Dad and nephew in tow, we tootled on up the A1 to for a Bank Holiday treat. Managed by the same team as Jesmond Dene House, St Mary’s Inn is located a short drive from Stannington, incidentally the location of another of my favourite pubs, The Ridley Arms.

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The view from the top… Grey’s Monument

After reading New Girl in Toon’s Never Have I Ever… Newcastle Confessions post in March, I realised that there are still quite a few things I’ve never done in this glorious city despite living here virtually my entire life. Until then, I had no idea Grey’s Monument was ever open to the public! In fact, the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative open the iconic site for a couple of Saturdays every summer and for a measly £4 you can ascend the 164 steps and witness the most incredible view of the greatest city in the world.

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