Tapas Revolution, Eldon Square

And I’m back online! After four weeks with no broadband in the new flat, I’m so happy to be back on the blog. Last month we were invited to Tapas Revolution, one of the newest additions to Eldon Square’s restaurant offering. Looking back on these photos is slightly odd, as I’ve since decided to have a bash at a fully plant-based/vegan diet. But I’m still excited to share how great this meal was with you, so here it goes.

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Paella in Benidorm

Eating Gluten Free in Spain: the good, the bad, and the onions…

It’s been a couple of weeks since Craig and I returned from our week-long jaunt to Altea, a bustling fishing town on the Costa Blanca. As Craig recently gave up meat (he’s still eating the odd bit of fish) and I have given up red meat, limited my chicken in-take and relying mainly on fish, (all while still being gluten free) we knew eating out would be a tough one in Spain.

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