River Beat, Gateshead

This week, we were kindly invited along to River Beat on Wednesday to try their Vegan Tapas menu. The venue is located on the Gateshead side of the river, just down from the Hilton hotel. We had walked past a few times on our Quayside explorations, but never went in. Since we both went vegan, we have been increasingly hesitant to try new places in town, unless they have been recommended to us by vegan friends or on the North East Vegan and Vegetarians Facebook Group. Up until now, we had no idea that River Beat not only catered to vegans, but had an entirely vegan page in their menu. In fact,  they offer 3 for £10 on all vegan tapas on a Wednesday night – a midweek treat you’d be mad to miss.

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Tapas Revolution, Eldon Square

And I’m back online! After four weeks with no broadband in the new flat, I’m so happy to be back on the blog. Last month we were invited to Tapas Revolution, one of the newest additions to Eldon Square’s restaurant offering. Looking back on these photos is slightly odd, as I’ve since decided to have a bash at a fully plant-based/vegan diet. But I’m still excited to share how great this meal was with you, so here it goes.

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Eating Gluten Free (and Veggie!) in … Amsterdam

Earlier in the month we ventured to Amsterdam to celebrate my birthday – there’s no better way to welcome in your quarter century than in the Dutch capital! Before we go on trips like this, we always do plenty research about places to eat. As Craig is a vegetarian now, and I have officially given up meat (and am only eating fish once a week or so), it and be hard to find places that cater for our dietary requirements. From the outset, Amsterdam was nowhere near as accommodating as London had been last year. It seemed to me that ‘gluten free’ was still very niche and the majority of places did not openly advertise a GF offering. Even veggie food wasn’t that easy to find as Dutch cuisine is quite heavily reliant on meat (other than their obsession with chips and mayo!). However, we still did pretty well considering!

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