What I ate in my first week of veganism (all gluten free!)

One year ago this month, I decided to give up red meat. After chatting with vegan friends Michael and Maisie (Obviously Vegan), and watching documentaries Cowspiracy and Earthlings, both myself and Craig felt like a curtain had been lifted and, within a matter of days, our bacon-eating days were over. At first, I figured being gluten free and vegetarin would be too difficult so I kept eating chicken until October last year. Craig, however, cut out all meat last April, and he has been proudly vegetarian since.

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Wagamama Donburi

A Gluten Free Guide to Eating Out: Wagamama

This week we ventured to Wagamama in Old Eldon Square to see what they had to offer gluten free diners. For those who have been living under a rock for the last five years, Wagamama is a pan-Asian restaurant chain specialising in the famous Japanese dish, ramen. When it comes to eating gluten free, good oriental food it by far the hardest to find. The primary ingredient in soy sauce is wheat, and soy sauce is the primary ingredient in virtually everything, so I do then to avoid eating out at Chinese and Thai places if I can, in favour of cooking at home. That being said, some places, including Wagamama, stock tamari sauce, which is a gluten free soy sauce alternative. To me it tastes exactly the same and it’s a wonder that so few places stock this awesome ingredient.

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